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Hippocrates guests meet regularly in an on-going support group (The Healing Circle) as part of their health program. You can find us gathering every Tuesday in the Hacienda main room (or the Vitality Yurt) from 2 to 4 pm (check your schedule).


The intent of a support group is to get to know each other more intimately and to benefit from the rich arena of emotional and spiritual support.



"The love, the laughter, the trust, the camraderie, the exploration into inner depths, resulting in joy and clarity will be part of me forever. Thank you!"


Dr. David Spiegel's study of women with recurrent breast cancer, half of whom participated in an on-going support group and half who didn't, showed that the women who did, did better by far than the others, in every single area of measurement! Something about partaking of a support group translates directly into physical health.

A support group, unlike a lecture, involves everyone as an active and equal participant. It's a place you can get to know yourself better by finding out just how you come across to others. We cultivate an environment in which it's safe to share from the heart, and give honest feedback. We make it safe to lay some burdens down. We discover we're not alone. We tap into a wonderful collective wisdom. We also laugh a lot!
A support group builds community in the best sense of "communication" and "communion". A community of heart-felt sharing provides a powerful circle of very human healing.

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(email me at andy@deepfeeling.com to get the username and password)