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"I love your style! It's very positive and childlike. Makes me feel safe to let go (which I don't usually feel)."

Duff Prescott


"You're original, fun, smart, and you make people feel safe and comfortable."

Felipe Correa


"I think you joke a bit too much. But you are very good at getting the true feelings out. I admit that."

Anette Plahte


"Your sense of humor served well. It did not dilute the seriousness of things, but actually allowed us to breathe and remember that this is a circle of love."

Joy James


"Crazy but effective."

Ana Rodriguez


"Andy, your style is a perfect blend of digging deep with well-timed comic relief. I appreciate your eyes, and that they are filled with tenderness and compassion--but also a fierceness, when edging us toward the precipice, where sometimes the painful truth resides..."

Chehelis Hegner


"Very respectful."

Terri Feldman


"Andy comes from a space of deep compassion but will unravel your bullshit story and get to the core of things quickly."

Wolfgang Kroj


"You are a loving man. Truly loving and caring, and this authenticity is what I could strongly feel. Your great professional skills are of course helpful, but your being is most important."

Ellen van den Adel


"Confrontational esoteric."

Rod Keenan


"The Hippocrates program is wonderful, but the life changing experience for me was anything you had a hand in. My best memories will be our conversations and the healing circle. You changed my life, Andy, and I thank you."

Diane Abel


"A wonderful balance of being laid-back and confrontational, tough but gentle."

Colette Higgs


"You challenge from a position of drawing your client into the victorious side of his struggle."

Toni Lee


"You have the best therapy style I've experienced. (no exaggeration)."

Dylan Knauss


"I love how insightful you are, and your delivery is awesome!"

Abby Lodmer


"I was surprised at the emotional level that was reached by the participants, and the positive effects."

Pleddie Baker

"You are real and raw, and I love it!"

Beverly Tate


"I love your style! You bring joy to pain and humor to suffering in a very simple, approachable, and intelligent way."

Natalia Bojan


"Even though you were pushy at times, that was OK with me."

Danielle Dichaud


"I was pleasantly surprised at your handling of difficult situations."

Louise Chretien


"It is clear that your motivation is from the heart and no 'shrink-ego' is exhibited. (I admit being convinced that most therapists are 'messed up')".

Tricia Wilson


"I loved the way you didn't settle or give up on me!"

Kim Curny


"Sneaky in lowering our wall in an expedited fashion."

Sanjiv Jain


"You are funny and have a nice boyish way to get people to open up."

Susanne Olesen


"You have a nice, easy, and nurturing bedside manner."

Jim Nacknouck


"Andy helped me open up and deal with long-repressed, deep emotions in a safe way."

Pat Flanagan


"Your technique is amazing, unique, and brilliant; never controlling and always encouraging."

Jill Hollander


"Andy, you are a great leader for the Friendship Circle."

Donald Dittberner

"I had no idea of the value of a group. Thanks to you, I do now."

Dwyanne McGill


"I was initially a little scared because it seemed harsh, but the people who got worked on reported they got value."

Melissa Gordon


"Your style is direct and focused and gentle. In my first visit to the circle I saw how effective it was. It confirmed my decision to stay silent."



"Thank you for making learning so easy, comfortable, and guilt-free."

Debbie Williams


"You make the healing process fun, and I just want to take you home with me!"

Bonnie Billune


"You're the nicest badass I know!"

L. Devidando


"In Andy's interaction with the guest I was able to see the healing process!"

Linda Alfieri



"You conducted the healing circle with great skill, understanding, finesse, humor, sensitivity, interest, engagement, and love, and with great and effective repertoire of 'tricks' to create opening and resolution."

David Tiriluk


" of all, you are not a fix-it person; you are so natural."

Constanza Vergars


"I was pleasantly surprised at your gentle technique."

Surendar C. Malani, MD


"I felt a strong connection with you right away. The funny and easy way you have to share, educate, and have fun at the same time, I believe is among the best therapies one could experience!"

Julian Souza


"I have been a participant in many group therapy settings. This was by far the best facilitation I've seen."

Joyce Reeves

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